Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Forgive vs Forget

I often hear the phrase "forgive and forget" now this phrase never fully made sense to me because I don’t think the two are mutually inclusive and here's why.  To forgive someone, quite a difficult task in itself does not mean you have to forget the incident that’s happened requiring your forgiveness.  Now you may ask, how then, would one go about forgiving someone if you don’t forget about the incident that occurred?  Well now that’s all up to you, but to be able to forgive someone, in my opinion, means to try to understand the other person’s views and reasons for their behavior, despite whether or not you agree.  

Now if you choose to forgive this person it doesn't that mean you have to forget the occurrence of the incident all together.  I think every incident can teach us a lesson, may it be, what your tolerance for certain behaviors are or what kind of mistakes we are capable of, etc.  To try to forget the occurrence all together just means you haven’t taken anything away from the incident or learned your lesson, which could mean there is a likeliness for it to happen again. 

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